Digital personal growth downloads for highly sensitive people and empaths

HiSensitives is a personal growth brand for highly sensitive people and empaths. We aim to help you thrive in life by sharing valuable personal growth resources with you.

In our webshop, we sell personal growth printables & planners specifically created for sensitive souls. Because let's face it - we tend to have different wishes and interests when it comes to personal development! By using our resources, we hope to encourage you to focus on personal growth and love yourself more.

  • Designed with Love for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths

    All our products are designed specifically for a sensitive audience. After all, we tend to have different needs when it comes to personal development.

  • Motivating you to focus and actively work on yourself

    Positive change begins within oneself. With our products, we motivate you to focus on your personal growth and give yourself the time and attention you deserve in order to thrive.

  • Created from a fellow sensitive soul and empath

    Anne-Kathrin, the co-founder of HiSensitives, is designing all the products in our store. As a highly sensitive person and empath, she know what it feels like to be a sensitive soul in a not so sensitive world.